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Why is it necessary to CERTIFY evidence on the Internet?

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Without proof there is no crime

To prove a crime on the internet, it is necessary to present the judge, with solid evidence of the element that is likely to constitute that a crime (an insult, a threat, a breach of a contract clause) is occurring or has occurred.

Evidence can be erased

On the internet, it is easy to create content (posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even writing on a website). It is also easy to delete or modify content without leaving a trace.

Screenshots are easily challengeable

Screenshots or videos taken by the plaintiff are easily challengeable (rejected) in court proceedings. It is difficult to prove that the evidence is authentic and unedited (for example by using an editing software such as Photoshop).

The printed version doesn't look like the original

If you've ever tried to print a web page, you've verified that the result isn't identical to the original: Moved Items, images that don't appear,... It is important that the test matches 100% with reality.

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We will issue a certificate in PDF format with legal validity. The certificate will contain screenshots that prove that your evidence is real. Our certificates are digitally signed and incorporate a time stamp. Click here to find out more information about our certification system.

No. No need for software installation. We provide a very fast and easy-to-use certification system. With just a couple of clicks you will have access to your certificate.

Yes. We take security very seriously, so we regularly audit ourselves to make sure everything is under control.

If you have any questions or need help we will be happy to assist you through our online chat or via email on [email protected]