General terms and conditions of contract


The general conditions for contracting the service are set out herein FULL DIGITAL S.L. with CIF B-67207845, a commercial company whose registered office is in Barcelona, C/Portugal 6o 2a, 08027 and duly registered in the Commercial Register of Barcelona, Volume 46395, Folio 103, Section 8, Sheet 518650, Inscription 1.

The Service is provided to the Customer in its capacity as recipient or end user of the same, being strictly prohibited the resale or marketing of the Service, as well as the transfer of this Agreement.

The Service is available to private individuals over the age of 18 and constituted legal entities and being the decision-maker center of the service provider company located in Barcelona, Spain.

These General Conditions of Contract are complementary to the General Conditions of Use of the Website and their acceptance is subjected to prior acceptance on the prior acceptance.


The Service consists in the provision of services by and act as an independent third party witness that proves and certifies the existence of a web browsing session and its content, a web page (URL) and its content and a file. These contractual conditions are intended to regulate the intervention of in the certification of the services requested by Users. Pursuant to this intervention, makes available to Users electronic, computer and telematic means exercising the work of independent third party witness because it has been designated by virtue of the user’s will. Designation that the User ratifies can be accessed via the website: and the use of the means are made available therein. In particular, makes available to users the following services, the description and current rates of the service will be regularly updated on the website:

1. Web Browsing Session Certificate

This type of certification is recommended to certify a website where:
  • You need to enter a user and password first.
  • It is of interest to certify the audio and/or video.
  • You have to follow a few steps (clicks) to get the content certified.
  • When a URL is not available to directly access the content.This system allows the user to browse on the that they wish to certify to the website that they want to certify using a web browser installed in a container (server) under the authority on which the user does not have access to. This way the client only directs browsing session remotely, but without the possibility of altering the content that is loaded since connections to the server hosting the web to be certified are made by the platform and not by the client. The entire remote browsing session is recorded on video. Once the user has viewed the content to be certified, the remote browsing session will end and will proceed to delete the container assigned to the service to ensure that any data entered by the client during browssing session is effectively deleted.
The platform generates a certificate (PDF file) which includes:
  • The date the certificate was created.
  • Identification of the technical infrastructure used for certification.
  • URL to access the video corresponding to your session (password protected).
  • URL to verify the validity of a certificate issued by
  • A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 browsing sessions instants identified with the date, URL and image with the screenshot.
2. Website Certificate This type of certification is recommended to certify a website where:
  • There was no need to authenticate it before, the page is publicly accessible.
  • There is no interest in certifying audio or video.
  • The URL to access the content to be certified directly is available.
  • The content is not a PDF file, doc, xls,…
This system allows the user of to certify the content of a website by providing its URL. The platform will start a container (server) to which the user does not have access of any kind where the url indicated by the client will be loaded and a certificate (PDF file) will be generated that will include:
  • Date of certificate creation
  • Identification of the technical infrastructure used for certification
  • URL which verifies the validity of a certificate issued by
  • An image with the generated screenshot (maximum 10000px) identified with the date and URL.
3. Certificate of File This type of certification is recommended for certifying files:
  • Images, photographs, logos,…
  • Audios, music,…
  • Videos
  • Documents (pdf, docs,….)
This system allows the allows the user of to certify any file which they have access to. Through a simple form you will only need to fill a simple form for the file to be uploaded onto the platform. The platform will calculate your SHA256 and generate a certificate (PDF file) that will include:
  • Date of certificate creation
  • Identification of the technical infrastructure used for certification
  • Name of the certified file
  • Certified file size
  • SHA256 of the certified fileAllows the user of to certify


This Agreement shall apply indefinitely as long as the user makes use of and/or keeps his/her account active on the platform.


The user may terminate this Agreement unilaterally and without the need to plead just cause, it is sufficient to notify of such decision by emailing  [email protected]
Termination of this Agreement, for any reason, will imply that Users will stop using the services offered by thus removing the information that the User retains in his/her profile.
However, termination of this Agreement for any reason shall not affect the commitments made by the parties with respect to documents, certificates and electronic evidence which, with in light of this Agreement, would have provided to Users in their capacity as an independent third party witness.


The service provided by is prepaid.

The User may top up the account using a debit and/or credit card with a minimum balance of 0.95 euros.

When the user decides to purchase a certification, this amount will be deducted from the balance. The price will be indicated before starting the certification service allowing the User to cancel the request before the charge is generated. All prices are subject to indirect taxes included and are available in

The User’s balance has no expiration date.
When the user makes a successful top-up, an automatic purchase receipt will be sent to the email addressed associated with account.

The user requires an invoice, they may request it by sending an email to [email protected] indicating the billing details and transaction ID.


Full Digital S.L. will take the necessary technical and organizational measures in accordance with current legislation in order to guarantee the secrecy of communications. Full Digital S.L. will be exempt from any liability that may arise from the disclosure of confidential content, its use or advertising by the Client or by third parties and, from any actions or omissions, not from any action which results in a breach of secrecy of electronic communications which is not attributed to FULL DIGITAL SL.


The company will not be responding for technical failures that, due to fortuitous or other reasons, prevent a normal operation of the service over the Internet, due to unavailability of the website for maintenance or other reasons that prevent the service from being available.

The company puts all means at its disposal for the purpose of carrying out the process of purchase, payment and services, however it is exempt from liability for reasons that are not attributable to it, fortuitous case or force majeure.

The company will not be responsible for any breach or delay in fulfilling any of the obligations assumed, when it is caused by events which are beyond to events that are beyond the reasonable control of the company, such as those of force majeure.

The admission of evidence at the headquarters

The electronic evidence generated by, hereinafter Certificates, are considered private document at judicial level. Private documents are probative in a trial if the court admits them for processing. Like any document, public or private, the opposing party may request its challenge. Certificates issued by have widely recognized technical elements (advanced electronic signature and qualified time stamp) which makes it difficult to challenge them.

The authenticity and integrity of the certificates generated by can be easily validated through the online verification service of Certificates by accessing the following link:

It should be noted that the challenge is intended to call into question the authenticity of the document and not the value that it may have for the purposes of the resolution of the proceedings, and this is an assessment which the judge will make according to the rules of sound criticism.

If required, Full Digital S.L. will provide any technical information required by judicial, arbitral or administrative bodies either to audit the system used by or to validate the authenticity of any document issued by Full Digital S.L.


The user of the Website may provide feedback or file a complaint by sending an email to [email protected]


Full Digital S.L. will comply, at all times, with the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2018 (GDPR). All information regarding the privacy policy can be found at:


Full Digital S.L. may make modifications to this Agreement by notifying the Customer at least one (1) month before its entry into force. In the event that the Customer does not accept the new conditions and notifies Full Digital S.L., he/she may terminate the Contract in advance and without penalty. If, after the period of one (1) month from the notification by Full Digital S.L., the Customer has not expressly stated its non-conformity, or the Customer will use the Service after the entry into force of the announced modification, it will be assumed that it accepts the proposed modifications. The customer will be notified of the modification by email, or other means.


The provisions of these General Conditions of Contract will be governed by the Spanish laws in force. Any dispute that is not resolved amicably will be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, in the case of legal entities and those determined according to the current rules of procedural distribution for consumers and users, private individuals.

The current version of the conditions will remain published on the website for consultation. It is therefore the responsibility of the user to keep a copy of the accepted conditions to make any subsequent claims.

Updated August 15th, 2018