Membership Program

If you have already used our certification services and would like to recommend them to your clients, colleagues, or friends, what better way to do it than by earning a commission of up to 15% (*) every time they top up their SaveTheProof account to certify web content, documents, files, etc.

Join for free SaveTheProof’s Affiliate Program and get up to 15% commission (*) on user balance top-ups when they register using your affiliate code.

To register for the Affiliate Program, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Send us an email to [email protected] indicating that you want to participate in the affiliate program with the following information:-
  • Company Name.
  • Name and Surname of the company’s administrator.
  • Company Tax Identification Number.
  • Administrator’s Tax Identification Number.
  • Commission distribution and user discount (*).
  • IBAN: Account number where you want us to deposit your commissions.

2. We will send you the contract with the provided data for your review and ask you to return it signed.

3. Monitor your commissions in real-time through your private area on

(*) Optionally, you can delegate a percentage of your commission as a discount for your users.

For example: If you want your users to benefit from a 5% discount on the prices of our services, your commission would increase to 10% of their top-up. The sum of your commission plus the discount for your users should total 15%, and you can distribute it as you prefer.

If you need more information on how the Membership Program works on SaveTheProof, you can refer to this article: “How to check the commissions of my Membership Program?”.