HAR Viewer


What is a HAR file?

Files with extension (.har) save all the information that a browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox) exchanges with the page or web pages that the user visits. Among the information you store is the exact date of each of the requests, the URL, headers, cookies,…

SaveTheProof’sweb browsing and web page session certificates include in addition to the certificate in PDF format (with advanced electronic signature and qualified time stamp) a HAR file with all network traffic generated during capture. Thanks to this format, anyone can easily view all the traffic generated between the SaveTheProof virtual browser and the respective web landing page(s).

NOTE: In web browsing session certificates the HAR file will not include cookies or the body of requests/responses for security reasons.

How do I view the contents of a .har file?

It’s very easy. Locate and extract the “network.har” file which you will find inside the ZIP file named “metadata.zip” (e.g.: “2019-12-14-S-metadata.zip”).

Below we offer two of the most popular HAR file viewers. You may access your preferred one, but both are excellent.

You will then see something like this with the registration and details of all web requests generated during browsing sessions.

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