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SaveTheProof: Save the Evidence!

SaveTheProof is a service offered by Full Digital S.L. in the LegalTech field (use of technology to improve legal services) that was established in 2018 to meet the needs of businesses, public administrations, and individuals, aiming to capture and safeguard digital evidence with legal validity.

When we talk about digital evidence, we refer to the content of any webpage, social network, file, etc.

More than 2.000 clients trust us with over 150.000 certificates issued.
Certificates with advanced digital signature and qualified timestamp in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation. Our partners:

We are in the digital and communication era, and this implies that relationships between people, in any kind of context, take place through digital tools. We are not only referring to contractual, business, or work-related relationships but even socially.

Digital communications have become part of our daily lives. Nowadays, we use our computer or smartphone to search for jobs, carry out our profession, make purchases, manage our accounts, stay informed, or even find a partner.

Just as interaction through the digital medium has given rise to all kinds of actions that facilitate our daily lives, it has also given rise to the possibility of committing malicious acts that can be the cause of criminal activities or legal disputes due to possible violations or disagreements.

SaveTheProof.com aims to facilitate the capture of digital evidence, while ensuring as an independent third party the content of the evidence. SaveTheProof.com can certify the content of any webpage, whether public or private, and the content of any file. To do this, we use legally recognized technology such as advanced electronic signatures and the qualified timestamp, which gives the evidence obtained through our platform a solid probative value.



Offering our clients (businesses, administrations, and individuals) efficient and functional solutions for capturing electronic evidence that provide a strong legal value to their digital evidence.


To be recognized as leaders in the LegalTech sector, providing innovative solutions for the management of digital evidence, content certification online, and thereby contributing to a safer digital environment.


Our DNA is composed of:

Customer Focus

Trust and Security

Collaboration and Innovation

Continuous Improvement.

Eduardo Hervás